How will I get to your facility?

 We offer complimentary medical transportation from our local hospitals to our facility.

What documents should I provide upon admission?

The documents that you should provide upon admission vary, depending on your situation. These documents may include:

  • A copy of all your health insurance cards (Medicare, Medicaid, prescription, secondary insurances)
  • Social security card
  • Driver’s license or photo ID
  • Guardianship documents
  • All Advanced Directives (DNR, living will, healthcare power of attorney, healthcare surrogate, and/or durable power of attorney)

Please review this list with your doctor and our admissions to confirm specific requirements.

What should a new patient or resident bring?

Whether someone comes to a Skilled Nursing Facility for a few days or for long-term care, we want them to feel like they are at home. Clothing and personal items should be brought along with items that will warm their heart, such as family photos, small keepsakes, or a treasured blanket or pillow. We encourage you to visit the facility ahead of time to see what items would be most appropriate.

What should I leave at home?

While we encourage people to bring a few personal items, please leave jewelry, valuables, and large amounts of money. Also please leave purses, wallets, medication, electrical items such as extension cords, space heaters and electric blankets at home with a loved one.

Can our family pet visit?

 Absolutely! We welcome most family pets including dogs and cats.  We may request vaccination records and some breed restrictions may apply.

Can a patient see his or her primary care physician during their stay?

If your primary care physician would like to see you at our facility, they can go through our credentialing process. If not, patients are assigned an attending physician at admission. Our facility has a medical director and other physicians who are assigned to oversee the care patients receive during their stay. Contact the admissions office for a complete list of the physicians who have privileges at this facility.

Can I bring medications from home into the facility?

Please leave your medications at home unless we ask! We provide all of the medications for our residents so we can keep detailed records.

What is included in the daily charge/monthly charge for your skilled care facility?

At our facility, the daily/monthly cost includes nursing care, in-house activities, WI-Fi, cable, and shared phone.

What services and amenities are offered for residents? (transportation, hair care, wifi internet access, activities, shopping trips, outings, etc)

  • Nursing Care
  • In-House Activities
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cable
  • Shared Phone
  • Transportation services to medical appointments in county when available
  • Assistance with coordinating other transportation services

What are your visiting hours?

Our visiting hours are daily from 7am to 8pm. We ask that visitors are courteous to our other residents in the evening times as to not disturb sleeping times.

May I share a meal with a loved one at a facility?

We encourage you to spend as much time with your loved one as possible. If you wish to share a meal with them please contact the main office before 10 AM that day to purchase a meal so that a meal can be prepared for you. If you would like, you can also bring in a meal to share.

If my loved one is staying short term, what do we need to bring?

If a loved one is only staying short-term we recommend bringing comfortable clothing, shoes, and a few personal belongings and favorite toiletries to make their stay as welcoming as possible. We provide all of the furniture and equipment so there is no need to haul everything from home! Let us take care of that for you so you and your family can be focused on the recovery process.

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