Wednesday, October 26, 2022

When hurricane Ian was forecast, there is obvious concern by anyone who has a loved one in assisted living, rehabilitation, or a nursery home. What will happen to
them? How will their medical needs be handled from power loss or wind and rain damage? Such was my concern.

My wife has advanced dementia and requires a feeding tube for nutrition and hydration. She has had extraordinary, wonderful care at Cypress Cove Care Center in
Crystal River for over two years. It is in the top 20 percent ranking of all nursing home-type facilities in the nation. It has numerous 4- and 5-star ratings from various
eldercare associations and Medicare. It has been awarded numerous awards.

But how does this excellent reputation hold up when impacted suddenly by Hurricane Ian?

When Ian had a forecast that would impact Zone A locations of Citrus County with potential major flooding, the Citrus County Emergency Management Team ordered
Cypress Cove Care Center to evacuate on Sept. 27.

Families were advised that residents, some 100 plus, would be taken to their other location in Brooksville that day. Just imagine what this meant. The logistics range
from transporting the disabled in wheelchairs or bedridden; nurses and aides to maintain therapies and medications; all sorts of support supplies to name a few. All still
under COVID protocols. So, how did they do?

They performed with professional efficiency having multiple buses transport residents, staff and material in an orderly manner. Moreover, of great importance was
communication to families that everyone was settled and doing well including personal feedback about your specific family member.
Then, when the county lifted the mandatory evacuation on Sept. 29, the process was reversed with the same efficiency. My wife was happily back in her room and
comfortable in bed that afternoon.

The evacuation and back processing by Cypress Cove Care Center deserves 5 stars for successful implementation. It certainly was the result of attentive administrative
pre-planning for such emergencies involving the good work of dedicated employees.

With the sizeable elderly population in the county, we are fortunate to have many top-notch quality facilities catering to their needs when no longer able to live at home
for whatever reason. If the Chronicle ever runs a Best Award survey for such facilities, I will vote for Cypress Cove Care Center.

Ken Everts
Beverly Hills



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